This is a bad blog post

With Paris out of the picture and the (wonderful wonderful wonderful) homeschool conference behind me, I must recommit to daily writing–even on days like today that are full, full, full as Eloise’s nanny would say. At the conference, ND Wilson did a session called Fantastical Wordcraft. There is so much that I could share andContinue reading “This is a bad blog post”

The Pros and Cons of Cancelling Our Paris Trip

It’s too expensive; I’m working as much as I can and it still might not be enough–and too many things are falling through the cracks in the meantime. (And there’s the risk that Matt’s work might not reimburse us for all of his flight/hotel, which would be problematic.) Can we do that for six moreContinue reading “The Pros and Cons of Cancelling Our Paris Trip”

Dave Ramsey Would Give Me Serious Side Eye

I’m typing this while looking at an old computer monitor that we dusted off and hooked up to a new tower. The keyboard is new and clicky compared to our old laptop. Our poor old laptop that must go out to pasture. May it rest in peace. Matt also insisted on a fancy dress (notContinue reading “Dave Ramsey Would Give Me Serious Side Eye”

Super Hardcore Ethical Ladies (whose challenges put mine to shame)

I haven’t written about clothing or sustainability for ages. To be honest, the last round of doing the Wardrobe Fast and posting about it daily on Instagram sucked all interest in the topic right out of me. I also realized that I’ve done the challenge enough and have no need to do it again. IContinue reading “Super Hardcore Ethical Ladies (whose challenges put mine to shame)”