Reassessing (diff word) Cain

This year, I’m following a chronological Bible reading plan. We’re not hitting every chapter and verse, but we’re doing a sweeping overview. And the view from here feels different. Throughout Genesis, we’re hitting the highlights, the pivotal chapters of moving the story of the promise along, and I’m seeing over and over just how bigContinue reading “Reassessing (diff word) Cain”

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

Maybe our hospital season knocked if out of me or maybe it’s the wisdom of getting older, but I no longer feel the need to create every routine and solution for scratch. As I thought through my priorities for 2021 and our phrase “DOUBLE DOWN,” I pondered a new (to me) question. How much ofContinue reading “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel”

“It is what it is.” Until it isn’t.

If 2020 had a phrase, that might be it. “It is what it is.” I started hearing people use it in the summer, but it really hit me hard when President Trump used it to refer to COVID-19’s death toll in the U.S. I hate this phrase. For starters, it’s obvious, like saying you foundContinue reading ““It is what it is.” Until it isn’t.”