Food Experiment: Motivation Matters

Roger got a McDonald’s gift card for his birthday–and it was burning a hole in his pocket. We also had a “let’s do something Friday depending on the weather?” playdate scheduled for today, so it was the perfect opportunity to hit the Play Place. Which means that I didn’t eat my Experiment-prescribed lunch. I wasn’tContinue reading “Food Experiment: Motivation Matters”

Food Experiment: Remembering When It Was Easy

Since addressing my eating habits, I keep thinking back to a time when I felt best in my body and thought less about food: freshman year. While many people put on the Freshman 15, I lost weight. My life was walking-centric rather than car-centric because I moved from a farm to a major city. IContinue reading “Food Experiment: Remembering When It Was Easy”

Food Experiment:When Life Isn’t a Buffet

The kids and I had to run an errand today next to the grocery store, so they brought along their spending money and scoured Kroger for treats that fit their budgets. (Following the advice in You Need a Budget, we’re strict about saving 50% and giving 10%, but the rest is theirs to waste spend asContinue reading “Food Experiment:When Life Isn’t a Buffet”

Food Experiment: The Setup

Last year, a friend used the term “radical living” when she said she doesn’t drink. She is neither an alcoholic nor a teetotaler by conviction, but because of experiences in her past and her own self-knowledge, she doesn’t trust herself to make good choices around alcohol. So she eschews it entirely. Radical living. I immediatelyContinue reading “Food Experiment: The Setup”

Food Experiment: Foundation

I have some thoughts about food. A lot of them, I’m realizing. I have always had food on my mind and a hearty appetite. My adult weight was average, not skinny but not big, just comfortable. I ate to fullness and lost baby weight through nursing. But something has changed in the last year. I’mContinue reading “Food Experiment: Foundation”