Hey, I’m Michelle!

Christian. Wife. Mother. Reluctant-ish homeschool mom.

Apparently, I see the world through a quirky lens. My answer to the question of, “Why are humans different from other animals?” was “because squirrels don’t write poetry.”

And everybody laughed, like it wasn’t the first thing they thought of.

I want to record my thoughts in a place where there is some sort of accountability to keep putting my words down. My thoughts will occasionally be funny, sometimes serious, and hopefully always encouraging toward God’s goodness through Jesus.

And squirrels will probably come up at some point. They are my spirit animal. (My husband wants you to know his is a beaver, but since this isn’t his blog, that doesn’t seem relevant.)

If you’re interested, you can also see where else I’ve published stuff, what I’ve been reading, or buy that book I wrote that one time.

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