This is a bad blog post

With Paris out of the picture and the (wonderful wonderful wonderful) homeschool conference behind me, I must recommit to daily writing–even on days like today that are full, full, full as Eloise’s nanny would say.

At the conference, ND Wilson did a session called Fantastical Wordcraft. There is so much that I could share and unpack from that, but he said at one point that we need more Christian writers. He asked if we could imagine 20,000 Christian novelists, that many “points of light” in the darkness of this world.

And so, even with nothing left in the tank, here I am, with a tiny going of light into the darkness: after a season of max effort and great sea change, God is still there manning the ship. And still the star worth orienting to.

Published by MK Jorgenson

Thinking, writing, and talking about Christian stewardship in all of its facets.

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