Falling Short

Truth: I’m working my tail off to get to Paris. I’ve got editing projects piling up and took on a video to caption anyway.

And since I’m aiming to attend to and delight in my people this year, blogging falls off today’s priorities so that I can snuggle my babies, put them to bed, and have a little bit left in the tank for the sweet man who’s working so hard to make a trip happen when international travel is low on his list of favorite things to do.

So you, gentle reader, whoever you are, drew the short straw tonight. But I’ll see you tomorrow because I don’t want to lose my voice, even in the midst of so many good things.

It’s like the line I put in my PowerSheets this month: not everything can be done in a day, but most things can fit in a week.

We’ll get back to talking education and JEMs tomorrow, friend.

Published by MK Jorgenson

Thinking, writing, and talking about Christian stewardship in all of its facets.

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