February Goals

I used my Thursday Mama Meeting to write out my goals for February.

In January, I was overly ambitious, but this month, I’m toning it down and trying to be more reasonable.

Monthly goals

  • Order Chatbooks with Matt (first time trying these; would love feedback from others!)
  • Judge at homeschool speech meet! (Did this last year; so, so fun)
  • Invite a family over for brunch/dinner
  • Brainstorm blog post ideas
  • Redo blog homepage
  • Finish and pitch article
  • Write and pitch a second article
  • Record audiobook version of The Wardrobe Fast

Weekly goals

  • Caption at least 100 minutes with Rev.com (that trip to Paris ain’t going to fund itself…)
  • Kid dates: Matt with each kid, me with each kid
  • Clean the kitchen according to “the kitchen cleaning protocol” on the first “home day” of the week
  • Offer Matt a backrub
  • Three “dates” with Matt (games, prayer, talky talk)

Daily goals

  • Bible study
  • PrayerMate app
  • Drink two bottles of water
  • Play a game/pretend play with one kid one-on-one

Digging out my January tending list will show just how much I didn’t accomplish…and everything I stopped tracking:

I’ve moved the tending list to where I can reach it better, so I’m hopeful I’ll actually follow through. I should probably stock that desk with a pen or two…

I put way too much on my January tending list, thinking that I had to work on all of my goals for the year at once. Superwoman I am not, and sometimes less is more.

Like in February. 😉

Here’s what I actually accomplished in January:

  • I registered for a homeschool conference! Woohoo!
  • I wrote a “kitchen cleaning protocol” so I have step-by-step instructions and won’t get sidetracked. And then (ahem) I never printed it off…
  • We celebrated Roger’s birthday with gusto.
  • We had a family outing to the children’s theater for a spin on the little piggy who cried wee wee wee all the way home.
  • I had more intentional evenings with Matt than before I had a checklist for them 😂
  • I finished a book (I’m alarmed by my lack of reading lately; not sure what’s up there).
  • I took all three kids on “dates,” even if two were just to the gas station.
  • The kids and I were consistent in picking up the house and doing school…though there’s still much room for improvement.
  • I was consistent in daily prayer and Bible study for more than half the month, even if I stopped tracking it on my tending list. For me, that’s improvement. Little by little, inch by inch.

I’d love to hear in comments about your goals and recent wins!

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