Food Experiment: Motivation Matters

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Roger got a McDonald’s gift card for his birthday–and it was burning a hole in his pocket. We also had a “let’s do something Friday depending on the weather?” playdate scheduled for today, so it was the perfect opportunity to hit the Play Place.

Which means that I didn’t eat my Experiment-prescribed lunch. I wasn’t about to walk into a McDonald’s with eggs or hot dogs. I’m crazy but not that crazy.

But I also realized that it was okay. My struggle with food is when I choose food to fill a void, whether it’s boredom or sadness or something else. A playdate is none of those things.

Motivation matters.

Also, they were running a special, so I got a drink and free fries. Win!

This evening, I’m going to movie night at a friend’s house. I may be pushing the spirit of my challenge a little bit: I offered to contribute dessert rather than part of the meal because I know this friend might not otherwise have something sweet.

Awareness gets some points, right?

But these two incidents are helpful in that so long as I live in a place of food abundance, I will not lack for treats. That feels like a special, personal grace: while I may have to tell myself “no” in private, I can still have occasional treats in the fellowship of others–exactly where food should be.

Fellowship with others, nourishment the rest of the time. I think that’s a balance I can handle (for now, at any rate).

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