We Have a Thrift Store Chart Now…

It started innocently enough: Matt wanted to visit the thrift store in the other end of town. The logic was there would be nicer stuff where the wealthy people lived.

And he was right. Righter than we expected, actually.

Matt saw some really nice looking dress shoes, and they were even in his size! He tried them on and was really pleased with his find, knowing that they were surely worth more than their $4 price tag.

They were Allen Edmonds. And we learned later that they go for over $300 a pair. (They look similar to the picture above but may be a different model.)

Needless to say, Matt has a new hobby. And he has a spreadsheet to track it.

He’s keeping track of percentage paid vs. cost of new items. Now, we never would buy all the things we’ve bought so far (mostly books, games, and movies plus a few other things) so quickly if we were paying full price; in fact, we wouldn’t pay full price for many of these things.

Isn’t it fun to see a different side of people, particularly those you know well. Plus, I now own almost all if the original American Girl books, including a complete boxed set of the Josefina books.

What is your best thrift store find ever?

Published by MK Jorgenson

Thinking, writing, and talking about Christian stewardship in all of its facets.

5 thoughts on “We Have a Thrift Store Chart Now…

  1. Love this! I’ve in the last year become a little obsessed with thrifting. I find higher end clothing all the time, sometimes with tags still on.


    1. My husband seems to have a better eye for it than I do, but we definitely do better since moving to the southern part of the US than when we lived up north. People where we grew up tend to be more frugal and use things until they’re worn out…I guess down here in Arkansas they’re more wasteful 😆

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