We Are Jorgensons

people in uniform using a trumpet instrument with blue and yellow flag under
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For history, we read The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. It covers world history chronologically over four years, with the idea that a child would complete the cycle from ancients to present three times over their academic career.

The books distill history into engaging and relatable tales. I might be getting my history mixed up, but I believe it was a discussion of Otto von Bismarck uniting the German states into one strong world power that most caught my ear.

Bauer describes the various German states as marching around claiming, “We are Smiths; we are Smiths” or “we are Strudels; we are Strudels” and so forth. Each tribe had its own identity. But in order to build an empire, von Bismarck had to rally them all to cry out, “We are Germans! We are Germans!”

{I could be totally butchering the history and the history textbook here, so take all of this with a grain of salt. It’s too late to go track down the book.}

Matt and I sometimes joke that our lives are like Laura Ingalls’s life in Little House on the Prairie. Sure, we don’t ford rivers or build our own cabins or even grow our own food, but we’re far from home and the stakes are high. We’re kind of working without a net…and sometimes city life is just different from rural life, but the kind of different you don’t have a name for.

When I read about von Bismarck and the Smiths and the Strudels, I recognized that tribal mentality because we do it in our house.

We are Jorgensons. We are Jorgensons.

We have each others’ backs in good times and bad.

We are Jorgensons.

We read books and build a common language around them.

We are Jorgensons.

We work hard beside each other so we can play beside each other.

We are Jorgensons.

We fail each other and ask God’s help together.

We are Jorgensons.

I don’t want to take the analogy too far here (post-von Bismarck Germany didn’t always make great choices…), but I can get behind a rally cry, an identity cry to your people.

And I’m so glad I’ve found mine.

(Pssst…I re-released a novel I wrote years ago on Kindle today. On a whim. It’s a fictional account of Barnabas and Paul–and a few characters of my own creation along the way. You can check it out on Amazon if that kind of things catches your fancy.)

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