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Part of my purpose when I set out to blog every day (minus Sunday, because if Chick-fil-A can have it off, so can I) was to keep up the writing habit I had developed while finishing The Wardrobe Fast.

This has been harder than I thought: some days are busy and I don’t get to write until the kids are in bed. On the other hand, I’ve written some decent things and have heard that others were encouraged by them, so it feels like a win.

Today, I’m writing a very short post here so I can focus my writing time on a piece I’d like to pitch for publication. My goal is to do this once a month. Little by little, an audience will grow, right?

If you’ve enjoyed one of my articles lately, would you consider sharing it with a friend? Maybe you enjoyed one of these:

Phone As Pack Mule

Breastfeeding as Profession

3 Ways I Stop the Body Shaming Voice

or An Ode to Renting

and a friend would be encouraged by it? If so, I’d greatly appreciate if you could spread the word! Facebook, email, any which way you prefer to share. I’d like to reach more eyeballs for the sake of encouragement and I would love to have your help. Thanks!

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Thinking, writing, and talking about Christian stewardship in all of its facets.

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