A Homeschool Win

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Homeschool is kind of…nuts in our house. I’ve done it a few ways:

  • Having everybody at the table so that nobody can really concentrate (because Roger is going crazy).
  • Calling the girls one by one to come to the table to work on a subject (while Roger is going crazy).
  • Waiting for peaceful play so I can pull one kid aside to do a subject (hoping Roger doesn’t go crazy).

That poor little boy. It’s hard to be three and squirrely and a mama lover when all your people are busy with books you’re not big enough for and lessons you can’t sit through.

Today, I tried something new. We skipped the table and started our homeschool day in the kids’ room. Their room is attached to a screened-in-porch-turned-bonus-room, so it’s like we have a playroom (which would feel fancier if the windows weren’t so sad and decrepit looking) and they have plenty of room to roam about and ALL of their toys to occupy them.


I read four sections of history to a (mostly) content audience. Claudia reorganized her bed and the stuff she hung on the wall. Ellie pulled her mattress by the window and created a nest of sorts. Roger…bounced around and bothered them enough that we had to stop a few times–but overall, things went pretty peacefully.

There’s a desk in the corner of their bonus room because there’s nowhere else for it to go. So, I pulled one of the girls over at a time and we poured over math or grammar or reading lessons. Roger was free to play in his own space, Claudia could work in her favorite spot (her bed) but still be close if she had questions.

It didn’t eliminate every battle of will or “teachable moment”, but there was no shouting across the house. And all the homeschool mamas said amen.

Maybe it won’t work forever, but it works for now–and that’s enough.

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