The Organic Socks That Traveled by Rat King

I love Pact Apparel. Love them, love them, love them.

Organic cotton! Fair trade! Basics that match my basic-ness, rather than most ethical brands that make me feel ashamed of my overt vanilla-ness! There’s so much to love.


I try to avoid shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But Pact’s advertising game was strong. So strong. And my non-Pact socks were giving out on me.

Plus, there were deals on top of deals. You want 20% off? BAM! There’s a promo code. You want socks? BAM! They’re already on sale. You want a free shipping code? BAM! There it is.

Folks, I got six pairs of my favorite {organic cotton, fair-trade labor} socks AND a tshirt {also organic cotton, fair-trade labor} for the mister for $27. The frugal zealot in me nearly leaped to the “Buy Now” button.

I pulled the trigger and waited. And waited. And waited.

Three weeks went by. I started to sweat. I started to worry. What if my box had gone missing? Or been pushed behind something and forgotten? Or delivered and stolen from our porch? (That’s happened to us.)

I started composing a letter in my head to Pact:

Dear PACT Fulfillment Team,

I have a growing, nagging concern about my recent order.

Are you familiar with the Nutcracker, specifically the Rat King that Clara has to defeat with her shoe? I had a dream about this last night. The Rat King and his minions were not in some stately home but in a Texas shipping warehouse. They had seized upon my box and…

And then I woke up in a cold sweat. My box has been in a Texas shipping warehouse for 10 days, according to the tracking info.

I would greatly appreciate any reassurances that no mutant rats inhabit the facilities you ship your goods through.

Happy holidays,
Michelle Jorgenson

But happy day! Wednesday these beauties arrived:

(I had already gotten into the third pack!)

And I never had to send that silly letter at all. Which, in a way, is kind of too bad. It would have been awfully fun to see how they responded.

If you need quality basics, please give these good people your money. You may not get your package in the “two days” some companies promise and fail to deliver, but they’ll be worth whatever (reasonable) wait is required.

(And if you’re into ethical clothing and haven’t checked out The Wardrobe Fast, what are you waiting for?)

**This post contains affiliate links for PACT Organic. You’ll get 20% and I’ll get a little something, too. I wouldn’t endorse them if I didn’t love them.

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