In Praise of Quiet

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Our dishwasher–the very newly installed by our landlord’s sweet handyman–is on the fritz. Water pools at the bottom after it runs, so I’m back to washing dishes by hand.

Where I once always, ALWAYS turned music or a podcast or a YouTube video on while washing the dishes to make it tolerable, I’m finding…I like the quiet.

Sometimes when I’m driving, I don’t turn anything on on the radio. Because I like the quiet.

I’m introverted by nature, but even more than being alone, I find myself craving quiet. It’s in the quiet that our minds wander, make connections, turn over the events of the day, and dream up new dreams.

Podcasts and TV and music and all the rest are great, but they’ll keep. Particularly in this Advent season, I want to bask in the quiet, even if it’s over the kitchen sink.

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