I Can’t Believe There’s an App for Praying (and It’s Awesome)

I’ll be completely honest: I have never developed a good habit of praying regularly. When people share about some difficulty in their life, I’ll say, “I’ll pray for you about that.” And I mean it: I want to pray for them. But the flesh is so, so weak. I don’t write requests down or have a set time to pray; I most often remember them in the bathroom. I’m sure the Lord hears bathroom prayers, but I knew that this area of my life (and heart) needed some attention.

Since I love the almighty Google so much, I started there, looking for things like, “building a prayer routine” or “what to pray for daily” and stumbled upon Tim Challies’s blog post discussing PrayerMate.


Wouldn’t you know, just as I’m scaling back my technology use in some ways (letting go of Instagram and keeping Facebook off my phone), I’m ramping it up in another–because this app has been a game changer.

I know what to pray for because at an earlier point in time, I already loaded categories and lists of people and things to pray about onto the app. Thank you, Past Michelle!

I pray daily for my own spiritual walk and needs, for my husband, for each of my kids, for my local church in some capacity, and then for an assortment of other categories that get rotated through so that I hit all of them eventually without getting bogged down in praying for everything right now.

There are also gobs of devotionals to choose from. Currently, I read from “Come Let Us Adore Him, an Advent devotional from Paul David Tripp.

I have been able to replace the impulse to grab my phone first thing in the morning with something beneficial and life-giving. Not having any social media on my phone certainly helps…though I usually play some Duolingo French before praying because it helps me wake up a bit more.

I still miss some days, and sometimes I have to remind myself to focus rather than trying to race ahead to start the day (or get to Chick-fil-A for my Thursday morning “Mama Meeting”…). But it’s helping me put first things first, putting technology in its rightful place: a tool wielded for the glory of God.

Do you think an app would help your prayer life? You can search for PrayerMate on your phone’s app store or visit their website here.

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