When Sweets Rush In

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We had planned the whole day: Museum of Discovery, natural science museum, picnic lunch with ice cream from David’s Burgers (using free vouchers we’ve had since August!), a long stroll through the River Market Park, and a leisurely trip to the downtown library with its wonderful third-floor children’s room.

It would have been a perfect, blissful day. But Roger pitched a monster fit, and I had to stick to my words of warning.

“If you don’t stop hitting and kicking me so I can talk to you about hitting your sister, we cannot stay. We will have to go home.”

Friend…we had to go home.

We did stop for the ice cream cones because I felt terrible for the girls and, honestly, I don’t know if I could have carried Roger the six blocks to our car in the agitated state he was in. It felt like was a cop-out to let him have ice cream, but we’ve worked through just how naughty his behavior was, so I’m counting it as a parenting win. (Half wins round up in parenting, right?)

While the kids had their cones, I spotted the convenience store section of the River Market and, once the kids were seated at a nearby table I could see, made a beeline. I tore into a Milky Way and can of Mountain Dew like my life depended on it.

chocolate pieces on aluminum foil
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

My body is changing (ahem, aging) such that this isn’t a great idea anymore, but there are further consequences than an upset stomach. When I run to sugar instead of God in times of stress, I’m reaching for something that cannot meet my true needs and that will never fully satisfy me.

I love sweets, and I have so many fond memories of them, all the way from elementary birthdays to dates to the gas station with Matt when we couldn’t afford anything beyond some candy and pop. Certain candies taste like certain memories or places, if that makes any sense.

But I’m starting to see how I use them as a crutch. Good news? Celebrate with candy! Bad news? Console yourself with snack cakes. Bored? Better check the chocolate bin. Kid had the biggest meltdown in your entire parenting tenure? Get caffeine and sugar, stat.

Naming a problem is half the battle; looks like I have one more thing to attend to in 2019.

What about you, what do you need to attend to? I’d love to hear about it in the comments or you can join us over on my Facebook page to discuss!

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